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Mr Blue Sky

Song NamesAlexByrneMayaMichaelNicole
Time is Running Outhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnW7rXV0K5YGuitar videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX8qeEBT2nsDrum videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLq8f7XzZtcPiano ideashttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGji9IygCCwBass Video

Boulevard of Broken DreamsAmNicole (Michael)GTR: Alex, Gene BASS: Byrne KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
Come TogetherMayaKEYS: Michael DRUMS: Nicole
Counting StarsAmMayaGTR: Alex, Gene KEYS: Nicole DRUMS: Michael
Gods CountryNicoleGTR: Alex, Gene BASS: Nicole KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
HeartbreakerDmMayaKEYS: Nicole DRUMS: Michael
I Love Rock n RollMayaGTR: Alex, Gene BASS: Byrne KEYS: Nicole DRUMS: Michael
Mr Blue SkyAMayaGTR: BASS: Nicole KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Alex
Octopuses GardenCNicoleKEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
RadioactiveAmNicole (Michael)KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
RenegadesDmNicoleKEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
Rocking Aound the Christmas TreeGNicoleGTR: Alex BASS: KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
Tainted LoveAmNicoleKEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
Take On MeNicoleGTR: Alex KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
Time is Running OutNicoleGTR: Alex, Gene BASS: Nicole KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya
Viva La Vida – 48ENicoleGTR: Alex KEYS: Michael DRUMS: Maya

  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs – Great source (for almost any instrument) to find chord/lyrics and tabs to millions of songs and the basic version is free! I really like the transpose feature and the ability to take song requests from people immediately with internet connection for songs I don’t have memorized. I recommend downloading the app for either your phones/ipads/tablets.
  • Transpose Pitch, Speed and Loop for Youtube – It’s a free extension (pro versions is $4) available for the Google Chrome browser (works on all computers) that allows you to basically do what it says in the title. Extremely useful for learning/practicing songs when the band is performing them in a different key from the original song and to slow down challenging parts of a song etc…
  • Amazing Slowdowner – basically does the same as the Google Chrome extension above but it works on iPhones/Androids in conjunction with Spotify and Apple Music playlists. It’s $10-$15. 
  • If you have an iPad, forScore is a great app to help manage your music! I really like it for the ability to quickly air drop set lists and the page linking ability is awesome etc…It costs $15.
  • If you have a tablet (not ipad), MobileSheets appears to be great app to manage your sheet music similar to forScore.