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Song NamesKEYS
Gimme Shelter
Pumped Up Kicks
Sweet Child of Mine
Sunshine of Your Love
No Rain
With a Little Help

Song NamesAaronAngelaGinaHaixa

  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs – Great source (for almost any instrument) to find chord/lyrics and tabs to millions of songs and the basic version is free! I really like the transpose feature and the ability to take song requests from people immediately with internet connection for songs I don’t have memorized. I recommend downloading the app for either your phones/ipads/tablets.
  • Transpose Pitch, Speed and Loop for Youtube – It’s a free extension (pro versions is $4) available for the Google Chrome browser (works on all computers) that allows you to basically do what it says in the title. Extremely useful for learning/practicing songs when the band is performing them in a different key from the original song and to slow down challenging parts of a song etc…
  • Amazing Slowdowner – basically does the same as the Google Chrome extension above but it works on iPhones/Androids in conjunction with Spotify and Apple Music playlists. It’s $10-$15. 
  • If you have an iPad, forScore is a great app to help manage your music! I really like it for the ability to quickly air drop set lists and the page linking ability is awesome etc…It costs $15.
  • If you have a tablet (not ipad), MobileSheets appears to be great app to manage your sheet music similar to forScore.

Brain Stew
Can’t Help Falling In LoveC
Come as You Are
Country RoadsC
Every Breath You Take
Friday I’m In LoveG
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Turn the Page
What’s UpG
When I come Around